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Duddy Overview

We are Dog lovers, we believe we can achieve more together, By Collaboration and Unity, we can achieve our Vision and solve the complex problem, which our society is facing. we forge strategic partnerships with a wide range of organizations and businesses. our campaigns are designed to deliver the greatest social impact. Our skills-based volunteering program gives everyone the opportunity to share their knowledge with nonprofits on a local and national scale, while enhancing their leadership skills and promoting collaboration across India. 


On an average, a stray dog lives on one meal a day which would cost between Rs 10-20, going by the 2011 survey. Six lakh plus dogs in the city, survive on wasted food, approximately worth Rs 30 crore every month, which means nearly Rs 30 crore worth of food is wasted by residents.

This, in effect means Pune wastes food worth Rs 360 crore annually. Going by the 1.2 crore human population of the city, it means that each person wastes food worth Rs 290-300 every year. The city have around 20,000 and more eateries including the school and college canteens, street vendors and other pushcarts.

Utilization of Garbage
Food Arrangement

Our Mission

Our Mission to achieve our Vision

  • Feed the Dog and make them Strong.
  • Analyze and Train the Dog to make them Smart.
  • Shelter for Every Dog.
  • Policies for Dog’s Safety.

Our Vision

To be the nation with an Army of Smart Dogs

We wanted to be the first nation who have solved and utilised the stray Dogs. A nation with every stray dogs is a smart and trained to perform various activities for the benefits of the society.