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Duddy Overview

Harnessing the power of Unity and collaboration.

We are Dog lovers, we believe we can achieve more together, By Collaboration and Unity, we can achieve our Vision and solve the complex problem, which our society is facing.

we forge strategic partnerships with a wide range of organizations and businesses. our campaigns are designed to deliver the greatest social impact. Our skills-based volunteering program gives everyone the opportunity to share their knowledge with nonprofits on a local and national scale, while enhancing their leadership skills and promoting collaboration across India.

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We are Awesome Volounteer Team

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Our Mission

Our Community focuses
on following major areas in order to achieve our Vision

Food Arrangements
  • Make the food available to the street Dogs.
  • Installation of Dog Food Stores in every corner.
  • Preparing the plans for Food Delivery to Food Store
Analysis & Training
  • Provide class one training to the Stray dogs.
  • Prevent them from eating unwanted things like plastic etc.
  • Post training and the test, which the dog completes, Provide a badge to the dogs.
  • Arranging the Dogs camps.
Shelter Arrangement
  • Provide a healthy and safety environment for Dogs.
  • Creating of Small Dogs care center across the zones in the city.
  • Facility to Citizens to drop the dog to the dog care center.
  • Development of Mobile application for street dogs.
  • Assign a Unique ID to every street dog and add all the relevant information.
  • Monitoring the Dogs behavior using a crowd sourcing.
  • Facility to Citizens to drop the dog to the dog care center.
Citizen Awareness
  • Encourage citizens to not throw food waste or eatable items into the Garbage bins.
  • Prepare the awareness of segregating the Garbage at house.
  • Encourage the Citizens to provide reviews or feedback to based on the dog ID
  • Encourage the citizens for dog adoption.
Utilization of Garbage
  • Setting up the process for Segregating the household and Commercial garbage.
  • Implementing the Process P for Make the Food for Dogs from the waste material.
  • Put a sign boards on the Garbage bin which shows ‘No eatables items’
Policy‘s For Dogs Safety
  • Preparing the policies for dog’s safety.
Womens Safety
  • Train a Dog to identify whether a women/girl in danger There will be a smart Dog for a Every woman/girl

We are Awesome Volounteer Team


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